I discovered on the birth chart an important tool for self-knowledge. It is a guide, an instruction manual on how we work. It reveals our potential, our challenges and the means to achieve our purpose. I took a professional course in Astrology at Escola Gaia and today maps are also a way of deep connection with other experiences, a source of inspiration also for building such diverse characters, understanding their deepest motivations and their means of expression. Everything is connected.

 What is it?

The birth chart is a key to self-knowledge. It is our instruction manual. Through it we discover our potential and challenges.

 How it works?

The map is a photograph of the sky at the time of the person’s birth. The position of the planets in the houses and the angle between them create a unique design that portrays your life in its most diverse roles


Send me your details (name, date, time and place of birth) and we will schedule an appointment in person or via, phone, skype or facetime

Making the map with the van was very special. I had already done it with another person who had been very impersonal and kind of picky. With the van I felt very comfortable in the conversation and because she already knew me we were able to draw things about my map through the calm and intimate conversation. It’s been 3 years and I still keep some phrases that she told me that day. In addition to keeping the map in writing and reading it from time to time, because we always have a new look at things. It’s a very special way to get to know each other better, and the van has the subtlety and respect necessary for you to get to deep and true issues. ( Marina de Luca )
I can say that I am a person before the map of Van and another after … I believed in astrology but after my map read by her everything would make more sense and astrology became part of my life. Van read very carefully and very well detailed, in an easy to understand way … I was surprised by some familiar information that only I could know but that were there on the map. The van rocks …  (Manuela Arruda)
There are many reasons that I loved making the map with Vanessa! In addition to being super professional and prepared, she has an affection for what she does! Do you feel that she really studied to tell you all that you know? It is not a “thing” done by a program, the van really puts the “soul”. She said so many good and real things that I felt lighter and more ready for life! Van thank you so much for caring !!!!  (Camila Souza)
It was great, I think she is super patient and very detailed, and makes the person being “described” understand more! (Maria G. Martins)