Vanessa Gani

The Awakening of the Stars

 Clarice is a stylist and, on the verge of turning thirty, anguished with her professional life, recovers an accident, but consults a little completely after expected. Alma, a fortune teller, an invitation to the Order of the Golden Dawn. Tell Clarice that she has the power between the powers, or create the future, because she is a princess of swords that awaits, a materializer of ideas. However, all power can become a curse and it can go through a battle with an enemy, its nemesis, before entering order. To do this, deviate from the hermetic precepts of Ancient Egypt, described in the book Kybalion and learn how to activate a key to your portal. Another ten characters, with completely different powers, help in this adventure that promises a lot of romance, friendship and fun.


The Awakening Of The Stars 
Raízes Aéreas

Aerial Roots

Granddaughter finds out that her grandmother was a big liar during her funeral, when some lies come up. The protagonist believed that the grandmother was a famous French actress, but comes to suspect that it was all a great fantasy. In the search for truth, after finding documents from his grandmother with eight different names, he travels with his family to the places where she lived, Romania, Israel and France, and makes surprising discoveries.