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Diaries, letters, poetry, notes and messages have always been the means I found to communicate, to express myself, a half European and half Brazilian. The writing is edited, thought out, can be saved and released at the right time. It is the state of control of communication or at least that was how I thought, but in the midst of a personal crisis, writing became catharsis, instinct, a means of survival to deal with my feelings. I also discovered in words the maximum expression of my creativity, bricks that build dreams and parallel universes. An avid reader, writers were my guides, my idols. Instinct became a hobby, a passion, a new profession. Post-graduated in Creative Writing by FAAP, I have already written three books and I have many projects yet to come.


Pdf: The awakening of the stars presentation 

Feb. / 2014


“The idea for the book was born during a flight returning from a trip to India. At the height of my return from Saturn, I experienced a moment of personal crisis that inspired me to write my first book. ”

Capturing ideas: February 2015

”I spent a year writing down everything I found interesting in a notebook. Ideas for the book, funny phrases, interesting quotes … until in the middle of the year I finally took courage and started writing for real. ”

VANNYGANI-Questions is born: August 2015

author Vanessa Gani

“VANNYGANI – Questions, was born with the intention of getting to know people better. The answers inspired me to create the characters and stories in the book. ”

Technical break for writing: January to March 2016

Vanessa Gani

“The Universe put me to rest after suffering a serious accident, where I fractured my spine and had to soak for three months. I made this lemon a lemonade and used this time to write. ”

Increasing the team: January to March 2016

author Vanessa Gani

“During this period, the partnership with actress Renata Vinciprova was born, who helped me with ideas,” inputs “and all her knowledge on the subject of the book, becoming the co-creator of the book and making the whole process much more fun.”

The first version is ready: May 2016

Vanessa Gani

“With great relief I write the three most dreamed letters: END on my first trip alone.”

The first printed copies: June 2016

author Vanessa Gani and Renata

“All the revision work begins with the help of Renata. Reread and rewrite chapter by chapter. ”

Visit to the biennial in São Paulo: August 2016


“Dreaming of the day to publish my book”

Capturing the team - Part II: September 2016

author Vanessa Gani Agent

“One more for the team! Sandro will take care of marketing and selling the book. Are you interested in publishing or making a partnership? Call him (11) 3042-9431”

October 2016

author Vanvessa and Stephanie

“The designer Stephanie Peixe gives ideals for the website under construction and for Instagram.”

New logo: February 2017

author VannyGani Logo

“Stephanie creates my new logo. It gains a personal signature face and adds astrological symbols to the art. The Moon represents the importance of getting in touch with our emotions. Neptune the inspiration, creation, the power of the dream. Finally, it has the Sun, symbol of the importance of discovering our essence. “

Adjusting the book and "thanking": June 2017

author Vanessa Indonesia

“On a trip to Bali – Indonesia, I was able to reflect and correct some points in the book and I also thanked the temple of waters for the inspirations”

Visit to FLIP: July 2017

author Vanessa na Flip Rio de Janeiro

“Every day I am learning more about the world of literature and publishing in Brazil. This trip to Paraty only gave me more incentive for me to persist!”

Getting inspired: January 2018

author Vanessa Gani

“Traveling to Thailand – I was able to seek mental and body strength in a 15-day retreat to get inspired”

Second review: April 2018

author Vanessa Gani Creative

“I spent the whole holiday writing! I reached the end of the second revision of the Book! I don’t know how many it will take but I am happy to be in the final stretch!”

Celebration: May 2018

author Vanny Gani First Book Print

“I just printed two copies of the book and am giving it to my dear co-author (Renata) and passing it on to family to read and thus continue my journey, after all it has been 4 years.”


author Vanessa Gani Keep Asking

“Keep reviewing the book. Accepting feedbacks”

"Júlia received the first manuscript, please note that it does not have the subtitle! It was great to receive your feedback !!"
Pediatric Medicine
"These two super powerful people now living in Porto, PT, will work to make the cover of this book look fantastic !!"
"Carol e Stephany"
Plastic Artist and Designer
"Absorbing your knowledge and thoughts about the book"
"Let many readers come after all this fiction is for you to read on the beach, in the countryside or at home"